International Women’s Day 2019

On Friday, March 8 our studio celebrated International Women’s Day, by turning our attention to what the day is all about – gender equality. See what our staff had to say in response to questions surrounding the topic…

How would you describe the culture at S9?

Justin — “We want to provide an inclusive culture where people are nurtured and developed based on competency and skills, not gender, race or orientation.”

Rimas — “Highly respectful and well balanced. We have people of diverse backgrounds, ages and close to 50/50 gender split.”

Marcia — “Well balanced. Everyone is respectful to one another and gender is never a big deal, we are all seen as equal.”

Charlotte — “Very inclusive, friendly and equal. We have a great bond as a team.”

John — “We are all equal, and I believe we reflect that.”

Mandy — “Encouraging and extremely respectful to women.”

Nigel — “It’s a very open and collaborative culture with no apparent gender bias. The gender split is positive and contributes to the culture.”


How important is gender equality to you?

Tony — “As a father of two daughters, gender equality is paramount. I will continue to be a strong advocate and ensure our workplace and home are environments for all to voice their thoughts.”

Justin — “Very! In the male dominated construction industry we want to promote an office with gender equality in roles, pay and hierarchy.”

Amie — “It’s vital. It’s not just important to have an equal spread of all genders, but in all roles and levels as well.”

Nigel — “Very important. Everyone should have the same opportunities, full stop.”

Tenielle — “Extremely. Gender should not be restrictive and we shouldn’t treat anyone differently because of it.”


When do you feel most empowered?

Amie — “When I am seen for my ability and character, nothing else.”

Charlotte — “When I feel valued and appreciated.”

Mandy — “When I listen and watch my daughter’s growth and development as a young women and my son’s respectful nature and adoration for his family and women around him. And, when our team at S9 are laughing and engaging whilst delivering passionate design solutions. AND, When I drive with the top down and wind in my hair!!”

Marcia — “When I confidently answer questions that people ask, offering knowledge in everyday situations, not just work.”


How do you empower other women?

Mandy — “With simple encouragement and by listening and actioning my life motto (once mentioned by a special client) ‘It’s never crowded along the extra mile’ “

Tenielle — “Showing support and encouragement for not only the big glass ceiling shattering life moves, but also for the everyday things.”

Marcia — “Pass on any information and help them to learn and have the tools they need.”

Donna — “I encourage other women in their ideas, ambitions and goals — they should go for it, no matter what!”