New Faces at Studio Nine

We warmly welcome two new designers to the leadership team, embracing fresh perspectives, new ideas and even greater levels of team collaboration. Keith Dougal helps lead project teams in his new role as a Senior Associate of Design, while Nigel Howden steps up as a Senior Designer and bolsters our design leadership with many feathers in his cap.

Keith is passionate about problem-solving. While he brings energy and enthusiasm, Keith has a unique view of the architectural world. After a self-confessed lightbulb moment as a younger designer, Keith seeks to find a ‘common language’ between his team and his Clients in order to achieve the best outcome.

“Understanding a project is about listening to the Client’s needs and appreciating their expectations; it all starts with translating the brief,” Keith explains.

“Design must have a purpose,” comments Keith, “designers must ask, ‘why’? Why this solution? What are we trying to achieve? What value can we bring?”

Keith draws on an incredibly varied range of international, award winning, design practice. His design leadership has been a valuable contribution to project teams across the globe for clients such as Google, Nike, Hilton, SAHMRI and National Australia Bank.

Amongst this myriad of international project work, Keith thinks that Adelaide is definitely home to huge opportunities for remarkable, cutting-edge design.

“In Adelaide, projects are fewer and funding is more difficult to attain than in other cities. On the flipside, this raises the stakes and means that Adelaide projects leave a lasting legacy and seek greater purpose and meaning, more so than other places,” reflects Keith.

Both with international experience and education, design heavyweights Keith and Nigel are anything but, frequently donning the lycra to get out on the bike in their spare time.

In an upcoming article, find out a bit more about Nigel, our creative marathon mogul.