Profile | Associate BIM Manager Aaron Schintler

A chilly start to winter can’t dampen our spirits as we celebrate Aaron’s recent appointment to Associate. Aaron has consistently gone above and beyond for the studio and now joins the leadership team to continue to assist in the development of our team, the management of our documentation and IT systems and the ongoing delivery of projects, great and small.

With a keen interest in construction from as early as his high school days, Aaron is a ‘nuts and bolts’ person. His affinity for the way things fit together lead him to study technical drafting, where Aaron learnt the logistics of bringing our most exciting and complex designs to life.

“It’s about bringing a project back to the essential components,” explains Aaron “working out how the elements fit together in a practical sense,”

In a hands-on role and working with both Architects and Interior Designers, Aaron helps lead and deliver projects across a range of industries. Whilst producing the plans and drawings needed to construct a building, Aaron is also a key conduit for ongoing project communication, verbal and graphical. A stickler for detail, plans created by Aaron are key to articulating the design vision and detailing.

“Plans are just a way to explain something,” he comments, “They communicate critical details, so accuracy is paramount.”

At home, Aaron is a self-confessed cactus-enthusiast and actively involved in the Cactus and Succulent Society. As well as helping coordinate and organise annual events, Aaron is the communications vessel for the society and has implemented a number of society-wide strategies including a POS and barcoding system for bi-annual sales.

If Aaron wasn’t an architectural technician, he would be a photo-journalist. Already a trained photographer, Aaron would like to travel the world to unveil an honest version of global events. And we think that’s pretty noble.

An integral team member, Aaron’s holistic approach and recent appointment will see him continue to improve our office systems and contribute to the professional development and training of our junior team members.