Profile | Associate Interior Designer Emma Wight

With a tenacious approach and witty sense of humour – Emma has taken a different path to many young designers. As a twin, Emma grew up in the UK as confident and outgoing counterpart to her brother’s more reserved nature. Finishing her school in Adelaide, she decisively enrolled in Interior Architecture at UniSA, where she found her true passion for design.

Now leading major commercial, health and education projects at Studio Nine, Emma feels as though she has transitioned into the next phase of her career. With her recent appointment to Associate Interior Designer, she plays a key role in the delivery of large-scale projects across the firm.

“A real point of difference at Studio Nine and what attracted me to the firm, is the bridge between architecture and interior design, where the opportunity for cross-specialisation is enormous. Having worked in a number of firms, this approach drew me to Studio Nine” explains Emma.

Thriving in a challenging and diverse environment, Emma’s lateral approach and outside the box thinking has promoted her career in leaps and bounds. A pearl of wisdom Emma shares, is the realisation that ‘you can’t do everything’. As your roles progress to more senior positions, the ability to delegate and trust in your team becomes paramount.

“As a designer, it feels very hard to ‘let go’ and call in help from others. When you realise that specialisation isn’t a weakness but a strength, you open yourself up to this external input and realise the value of different perspectives,” Emma comments.

Emma’s natural ambition has seen her gain 10 years of commercial interior design experience in a number of large architectural practices including Woodhead GHD and Walter Brooke Architects. Moving into a senior design role at Studio Nine in 2014, Emma has seen a change in her design confidence and technical abilities through being given the responsibility to run projects and manage project teams.

“What I’ve seen is that real value is achieved when someone is chosen for their abilities, rather than their title. Engage the strengths each person and the overall team becomes stronger,” Emma comments.

As a passionate female leader, Emma has her sights set on elevating the role of ambitious young designers within the industry and looks forward to continuing to grow and enhance the Studio Nine team.