Holdfast Hotel

Using warm and weathered elements like coarse rope, wooden shutters and colourful picnic tables, the clinical feel of the hotel’s previous refurbishment made way for a quirky, comfortable sea-side vibe.

The brief was to bring the history and warmth back to the hotel. Having been refurbished only a few years earlier, the spaces had become cold and clinical and patronage dwindled. With a long history serving the coastal community, the designers helped the Holdfast again tip its cap to its little-known maritime past.

Nostalgic elements such as Pop-Eye look-a-like characters, now decorate the walls in the front bar. The beer garden’s glass-front window seat frames the activity within, while the slatted bar encourages patrons to sidle up and stay a while. Inside the bistro, the atmosphere has changed completely, with an enormous ceiling role installation replacing the ‘warehouse feel’.

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