Mill Film Studio

A highly considered studio for global VFX company Mill Film within the upper floors of Adelaide’s Myer Centre Building. Translating the visual effects process through two key design principles ‘modelling and performance’ and ‘light, colour and texture’, the dynamic workplace is visually tuned to the working DNA of Mill Film’s brand, operations and people.

Modelling & Performance drove a strict planning structure with a high level of understanding into how each space would be utilised. Working, reviewing and socialising spaces were carefully placed to be seamlessly linked while always maintaining appropriate levels of separation. Light, Colour and Texture profiles were created for each space type from calm and monochromatic artist areas, through to warm and natural reviewing rooms and vibrant and colourful gathering and social spaces. Each space hosts a common thread of base materials tying them all together. Achieving a balance between hard, industrial materials and a soft, warm atmosphere was a key measure of success on the project with rich Australian timbers bringing local context to the global network of Mill Film studios.

This is Mill Film’s first studio in Australia with the 200 local and international crew members working within the space set to increase to 500 by the end of the year.

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