EmAGN Committee Member — Kanishk Meghani

Announcing Architect Kanishk Meghani as one of the 2024 Emerging Architects & Graduates Network for South Australia.

EmAGN represents Australian Institute of Architects members who are within 15 years of graduating with an accredited qualification in Architecture who advocate for the interests of emerging architectural professionals, support their professional development and engage with local communities.

“As a registered Architect, I’m eager to contribute to the dynamic community that champions good architecture and professional development. I believe EmAGN’s vision for an engaged and supportive community aligns with my professional aspirations.”

In each state and territory across Australia there are EmAGN committees operating. Each committee is comprised of Institute members within the EmAGN demographic who work to provide opportunities for members to network, connect and contribute to the public discourse about our changing profession.

“I’m a strong advocate for professional development and fostering an environment where graduates realise there are support structures in place to aid them after their studies and help build up their own skill sets. I’m involved in mentoring graduates at S9 and I hope to take this a step further with my involvement with EmAGN. Beyond this, I’m looking forward to being a greater part of the EmAGN community and helping where I can.”

We are looking forward to seeing what the team has planned for this year.

S9 Staff Photos Kanishk 1