As a studio we value collaborations and partnerships, using our skillsets as Architects and Designers to provide meaningful change outside of the typical project realm for the greater good

Forage Pod0043 Good Design Award Winner

The Calyx Project by Forage Built

Good Design Award Winner The Calyx Project aims to break the cycle of homelessness, providing meaningful change through an innovative housing solution with a community focus.

S9 have collaborated with social enterprise Forage Built to design a sustainable and scalable housing outcome responding to the current shortage of transitional housing for people experiencing homelessness.



S9 have designed a series of new architectural wall cladding profiles in shapes, forms and depths never executed before.

Disrupting a stagnated industry, the profiles have been designed by Architects, for Architects — commercialising the product line through an extensive research, development, testing and design protection process to make it available for specification by the industry nationally.

S9 AX3 Studio

Assembly Three

Assembly Three is the next generation of modular, prefabricated architecturally designed spaces. The series of five high-quality, customisable spaces are ideally suited for tourist accommodation solutions or an addition to your backyard.

The concept was born as a response to a post-covid world, where travel has become restricted to within our own state and a need for additional space within our own homes, for work or retreat, has arisen.

XFrame_S9 06


XFrame is an innovative, light-weight timber frame construction system that achieves circularity. Born out of New Zealand, the modular, sustainable and flexible new-age construction method uses 30% less material than standard timber wall framing, is carbon negative, rapidly recoverable and manufactured from sustainably sourced structural engineered timber.

Bridging the gap between manufacturer and design professionals, S9 were engaged by XFrame to use our technical skills to prove up their system in a digital environment.

City Mag 09 February Cover web2


As an ongoing partnership with print and digital magazine CityMag, a series of opinion pieces written by anyone from graduate to director within the S9 team. These articles give a voice to our designers and an insight into the indepth knowledge and insight they offer.