Introducing Nazeem Jummun

We are delighted to announce the addition of Nazeem Jummun as our new BIM Manager. Nazeem brings an impressive skillset and extensive experience leading BIM (Building Information Modelling) initiatives that will significantly enhance the studio’s project delivery and technological capabilities.

Nazeem’s career is marked by a deep understanding of BIM and its transformative potential in the architectural industry. Most recently, Nazeem served as the BIM Leader at JPE Design Studio, where he was instrumental in implementing BIM modelling and coordination across all projects including the Wingfold Tower, Westminster Sports Pavilion, Junction Apartment on Churchill, and the Adelaide Aquatic Centre Development in partnership with Warren & Mahoney. As a Registered Architect, he is also an Autodesk Revit Certified Professional and ISO 19650 Certified Information Management Practitioner, reflecting his commitment to lifelong learning.

One of Nazeem’s key strengths is his ability to foresee and leverage emerging technologies. As an active member of the digital design and construction community, Nazeem is regularly invited to attend global Autodesk and BIM events, allowing him to stay abreast of the latest developments and innovations. He is particularly passionate about the integration of AI, which he believes will significantly enhance capabilities. “AI is still learning, and we are learning with it too”, he says, highlighting AI’s potential to transform architectural workflows and decision-making processes.

Nazeem’s journey to becoming a BIM expert is rooted in his early passion for combining architecture and technology. Born in Mauritius and studying architecture in the Soviet Union, he began his career as one of the first users of AutoCAD at his university, quickly establishing himself as a leader in architectural technology. After years of running a successful architectural practice in Mauritius, a visit to Australia sparked a sea change in 2001.

Following positions with Cheesman Architects, ADS Architects, BELL Architecture and JPE Design Studio, Nazeem joined our studio in April. Already making a real impact, he has introduced new tools and practices to improve Revit’s efficiency, revised Revit templates for simplicity, and implemented new scripts and automation to enhance workflow and reduce manual inputs. His efforts in upskilling the team will ensure we remain at the forefront of BIM innovation and digital project delivery.

Recognising the importance of staying ahead in the evolving landscape of architecture and technology, our studio is committed to investing in BIM and AI, understanding their potential to minimise mistakes on-site and improve project efficiency. Nazeem’s appointment reflects this forward-thinking approach, and his contributions are set to play a crucial role in shaping future project delivery and technological integration to drive the studio’s success in the competitive architectural landscape.

“As Charles Darwin aptly said, ‘it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change’"

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