SA Power Networks Angaston Depot

A purpose-built ‘depot of the future’ for SA Power Networks. The new facility acts as a key hub for neighbouring depots, and as a place of refuge in disaster situations for the local community.

Studio Nine analysed the site and company operations in detail to deliver the most effective and efficient design solution. The site comprises of two separate buildings, accommodating office space in one and undercover truck parking, wash-down bay and a workshop in the other. Ongoing collaboration with a consultant team of engineers unlocked the opportunity for an inbuilt retention basin for stormwater capture at the front of the 12,000sqm site, creating a vegetated wetland, while an outdoor space consists of a BBQ area and vegetable garden for staff use.

Splitting the buildings not only gave SAPN optimal control for future growth, but allowed the external appearance of each building to be treated differently. A design led approach to the office building, verses a functional, pragmatic approach to the storage and truck shed resulted in a vertical façade of Spotted Gum timber fins across the key street-facing elevation. Designed to age gracefully and to silver-off over time, the timber facade was chosen to reflect the surrounding context of the native gum trees and vineyards. With the fins rotated subtly at 45 degrees, the angled screen and shadows cast from the rotated fins mirror the pattern seen in the SAPN logo — embodying the company in the built form.

For further details, view our Project Insight Newsletter here.

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