Carbon Neutral Recertification

We continue to reinforce our mission statement 'designing a better future for people, place and planet', and are proud to announce our studio achieved Carbon Neutral recertification last month. ⁠

⁠In 2021/2022 our studio achieved our carbon neutral certification — the first key milestone in our sustainability journey. ⁠Our Sustainability Committee are now working to produce our Sustainability Action Plan. ⁠

Since our initial certification we have:⁠

— Reduced our carbon emissions by 10.5%, despite an increase in staff⁠
— Expanded our solar which increased our renewable electricity from 27% to 36.47% ⁠
— Implemented sustainable practice and design into our projects⁠

As design leaders, our studio continuously pursues change and aims to think more holistically about architecture and design, and the environmental impact we have.⁠

S9 AX3 Cabin (crop)