CityMag | A solution to homelessness

The team at CityMag were the first to tell the story of The Calyx Project. Interviewed by Johnny von Einem, the Forage Built team consisting of Forage Supply Co founders Scott Rogasch and Justin Westhoff, Tim Pearce of Frame Creative, Carsten Dethlefsen of Proprius Advisory, Commercial & General’s Zoe Steele and our very own Director Andrew Steele, shared their journey and a first look at the Calyx 16 prototype, currently being built by Oxygen Building Group (images below).

Designed by Andrew, the 16sqm pod aims to provide a new housing solution to those experiencing homelessness, offering the right mix of community, dignity and opportunity.

Read the full article here, or pick up Print Edition 29 of CityMag.


Photos courtesy of  CityMag / Jack Fenby