Deep Dive into Design

Recently our Associate Interior Designer, Jaana Bithell, spoke at the She Creates Deep Dive into Design event

SC D Di D 3

Bringing together creative minds from a cross-section of design disciplines, Jaana shared the stage with Sam Pearce from Frame, Vanessa Pearce from The Wolf Gang and Max Hunt from Hunt Furniture, with Taylor Martin from Simple as facilitator.

From discussing the intricacies of their roles and the differences and parallels between their disciplines, to questioning the issue of ethics and AI, providing insight into how they find inspiration verse switch off and revealing their dream scenarios, the panel discussion to a crowd of almost 100 creatives at Soda Objects was insightful and inspiring.

She Creates promotes and connects Adelaide’s creative communications industry through their platforms and events, S9 Marketing Manager Elise Rundell is a committee member of the initiative.

Listen to Jaana and the full panel conversation here.

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Transparent“(On AI) It’s exciting and I see it as an opportunity. There are so many questions around ethics and where things are coming from that we should all be thinking and talking about”

Jaana Bithell
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