Emma Wight becomes Registered Architect

Congratulations to Senior Associate Emma Wight, who recently completed the Architectural Practice Examination to become a Registered Architect. As an experienced Interior Designer with 17 years in the industry, Emma's career trajectory saw her transitioning into an architectural role, now offering a key point of difference and added level of understanding to each project.⁠

Transparent⁠"Through my career, I organically grew an appreciation for the practice of architecture and the responsibility and liability that come with it. Internally, there was an understanding of my skill set and what I could achieve, but externally I wanted that same recognition from my peers, clients and consultants. This empowered me to formalise my role and title to the position of Registered Architect.⁠ ⁠It was a challenging process that required a huge investment of my time and energy. I am grateful to work in a progressive studio environment that has supported my initiatives and encouraged me to leverage my experience and accomplishments."

Emma Wight
Senior Associate | Architect
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