Coopers Brewery Visitors Centre 2

Coopers Brewery Visitors Centre

The design of a $50 million new world-class visitors centre, microbrewery and whisky distillery for Coopers Brewery at their Regency Park home

Coopers Brewery Visitors Centre 2

The design narrative is a simple continuation of the Coopers brand — bridging hospitality and industry through history.

Collaborating with studio-gram on the interior design, the new development will comprise of a restaurant and bar, tasting facilities, outdoor plaza, microbrewery, whisky distillery and underground stillage for whisky maturation. Connecting back to the main brewery facility, an elevated glazed bridge will also house an interactive Coopers history display, revealing the story of the iconic brand to visitors and physically embodying the project narrative.

The circular plan is inspired by the vessels of the brewery and the rondel of the famous Coopers label. This distinctive, singular elevated form will be identifiable from flightpaths — which is anticipated to be an important addition to South Australia’s tourism portfolio, attracting domestic and international travellers.

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Transparent“We are thrilled to have partnered with S9 to construct our brand home, enabling us to share our story and products with the world. The team is 100% client-focused, and have gone above and beyond to understand our history and what makes us unique. The iconic design that S9 has developed for us will stand the test of time and I know both companies are already extremely proud of.”

Louise Cooper
Manager of Strategic Development, Coopers Brewery
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