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Lightsview Retirement Village

Contemporary in design while still meeting aging-in-place requirements, S9 designed and delivered over 60 Independent Living units for Lightsview Retirement Village over various stages for Levande

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Lightsview Stage 3 is the premium offering for the site, consisting of 9 Independent Living Villas and an Apartment Building

Two Independent Living Villa typologies offer a double and single garage solution, each with three bedrooms and a large open-plan living space. Indoor and outdoor connection is achieved through a central mirrored courtyard, effectively creating a large volume that increases natural light and ventilation throughout the home. Due to the Renewal SA encumbrance, the buildings required a height equivalent to a two-storey home along City View Boulevard. To meet the requirements and aging-in-place design, we designed a concept that included a two-storey internal void providing residents with spacious living and dining areas.

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The small-scale apartment building offers 6 affordable housing units, with two bedrooms, secure carparking and ample balcony space extending out from the open plan living area. The apartment building also responded to the Renewal SA encumbrance for a landmark development within the subject site.

The 15 new homes were specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations of the modern retiree, with a focus on delivering low-maintenance, safe and secure residences within a vibrant community of like-minded people.

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Stage 3 followed on from our previous delivery of Stages 2A and 2B within the Retirement Village

Lightsview Retirement Stage 2A & 2B were designed in accordance with the Liveable Housing Guidelines Silver Standard

These stage, completed in 2018, consisted of a total of 54 new Independent Living Units. The units feature a modern skillion roof structure and a subtle integration of masonry. With the allowance for a personalised garden within each unit design, there was also a strong community focus on creating communal spaces and integrating walking paths into the site to foster interaction and time outdoors. All units were designed in accordance with the Liveable Housing Guidelines Silver Standard.

The village, which is 10km from Adelaide’s CBD, offers 117 homes that have exclusive access to the multi-functional Lightsview Clubhouse, also designed by S9 which features a bar and café facilities, gym, on-site library, communal vegetable garden and private dog park. The village is set among 15 hectares of reserves and green space and is home to more than 175 residents.

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