The Lights Community & Sports Centre

The Lights facility for the City of Port Adelaide Enfield encapsulates and demonstrated inclusiveness, catering for all abilities, ages and cultures.

While sport and physical activity form the foundation of the centre with five multipurpose indoor courts, show court seating and state of the art sports technology, the facility is in equal parts a multi-use community space where people can connect. The facility offers additional meeting rooms, corporate facilities and function spaces for community groups and other events.

With Disability Sports as a key stakeholder, the design accommodates users with a disability and promotes wheelchair sports.

The design philosophy examined the universal notion of light and its associated health benefits — both physical and mental. The facade playfully looks at light bending and refracting around the building, pixelated to reference the digitalisation of contemporary life.

The facility promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and is a hub for the Port Adelaide Enfield community and local area.

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