A place to meet, gather and share, Eleven Restaurant is a celebration of locally sourced produce and wine, through plate and interior.

Working closely with clients and the head chef , Eleven’s unique approach to dining was understood from the outset. The approach shaped the interior design, keeping the focus on the food rather than searching for an independent narrative for the restaurant. The design speaks to a shared love for the places their local produce originate from — McLaren Vale, Paris Creek, the Copper Coast.

The overarching vision was for the interior to linger and mingle with the overall dining experience in the same way that food and wine are paired, extending rather than overtaking each other. Refined, sophisticated and intimate, the space has subtle layers of earthy, rich materials, creating a foundation for the diner’s interaction with the dynamic food creations — a backdrop to showcase the colours and textures of the fresh and diverse seasonal menu on offer.

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