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State Library Mortlock Wing

Our third heritage conservation project for the North Terrace Cultural Precinct, conserving the culturally significant fabric of the 1884 State Heritage Listed building

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A high standard of finish was achieved without adverse impact on the heritage values of the place

The brief was to improve the building's overall appearance and protect the heritage fabric of the roofing and external facade through cleaning, painting, and conservation of masonry, timber, copper and slate roofing.

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Master Builder SA Awards 2018

Excellence in Heritage Construction (Residential /​ Commercial)

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Visual inspections would not provide an accurate enough understanding of the building’s current condition

Dilapidation inspections were therefore only able to be undertaken while scaffolding was up in order to be able to touch the building.

The project required the scaffolding to be staged around the building, presenting programming challenges as we were required to turn around documentation quickly, prior to the scaffolding being moved to a new location.

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