Normanville Residence

Family and lifestyle are at the essence of this beachside residence. There was a strong desire from the client to create a casual, yet refined space that offers a haven the family can retreat to.

Capturing the charm of the coastal town in which this beach house sits, the client called for a contextual design. A dark black palette is complimented with marine grade plywood timber that will be allowed to grey off.

Ensuring the context of the surroundings carries through internally, simple furnishings and finishes of soft, neutral tones were selected. Handmade pieces built by a family member also feature – including the long dining table catering to the family’s love for entertaining.

Importantly, the outcome of this residence stays true to the family – a place that exudes warmth and one that is open to family and friends. This is a true beach house that achieves an ideal balance between simplicity and sophistication – simultaneously maintaining the laid back character of the surrounding town.




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