The Moseley Bar & Kitchen

The refurbishment and redevelopment of a tired, dark and under patronised pub into a successful, award winning venue.

Understanding the targeted clientele and existing offerings of the area provided a strong foundation and drove the overall design direction. By flipping the layout, whilst making use of existing services and infrastructure on a tight budget, creating various offerings and uses for the venue, a key to its success.

Best Marketing & Promotion, AHA SA Awards 2021; Best Marketing, AHA SA Awards 2018; Best Bistro, AHA National Awards 2016; Best Bistro, AHA National Awards 2015; Best Overall Hotel, AHA SA Awards 2016; Best Casual Dining, AHA SA Awards 2016; Best Entertainment Venue, AHA SA Awards 2016; Best Bar Presentation & Experience, AHA SA Awards 2016; Best Bistro, AHA SA Awards 2015; Best Redeveloped Hotel, AHA SA Awards 2015; Entertainment Venue, AHA SA Awards 2015


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