Villawood Contour

Villawood Contour

Punching above its weight, Contour is a surprising design with unique qualities

Villawood Contour1

Working with Villawood Properties, the VillaRange includes a diverse selection of intelligent residences inspired by urban style, situated within close proximity to vibrant community and lifestyle amenities.

Contour's design is simple, yet unexpected — from both an individual dwelling perspective, but also providing a positive contribution to the overall streetscape and wider community. A concerted effort was used to ensure the final design outcome spoke to the highest level of quality — designed around the way people inhabit and interact in a space.

Contour is not only functional, but a home that people will find joy living in

The clean and inspiring aesthetic maximises warm natural light and a harmonious flow between the indoor-outdoor spaces, with a private courtyard at the rear and an inviting contemporary streetscape out front. The perfect abode for solo or shared living.

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