A message from Mandy Goehr

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To all that know or know of me,

After 37 years dedicated to the design industry and nearly a decade serving as a Director of Studio Nine Architects, I find myself at a pivotal moment. It is with a blend of emotions that I announce my decision to step aside from my role as Director.

As a leader, team player, mentor, and passionate designer, the decision to transition is not one taken lightly. However, it's essential to convey that while my role may be changing, my commitment to S9 remains unwavering. I will continue to be an intrinsic and passionate member of our team, albeit in a part-time capacity.

Aligning with one of our studio's core values ‘be the change you seek’, I've recognised the need to prioritise additional time for my family and personal pursuits. This decision, while not easy, is a testament to the importance of honouring life's natural rhythms and circles.

I have full confidence in my caring and talented fellow Directors, Andrew Steele, Tony Zappia, John Galluccio and Justin Cucchiarelli, to uphold the values and standards we've collectively built over the years. Our studio is in a strong position, with a dynamic team and a pipeline of exceptional projects. Stepping aside now allows me to support our continued growth and development while relinquishing the full weight of strategic and business responsibilities.

Reflecting on my extensive tenure in this industry, I'm filled with gratitude for the experiences, collaborations, and achievements I've been fortunate to be part of. It's now time for me to embark on a new chapter — one that is both exciting and perhaps a bit daunting! Yet, I am bolstered by the extraordinary support from all of you.

My capacity within the studio may be shifting, but my passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to our work will remain steadfast. If anything, my ability to nurture, support, and mentor will only increase in this new role.

Thank you for your ongoing support, understanding, and camaraderie as I embark on this journey of transition.

Together, we will continue to push boundaries and deliver on our collective vision, guided by the timeless wisdom of one of my most respected clients, "it's never crowded along the extra mile."

Warm regards,