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26 Flinders Street

Strategically designed upgrade to a commercial CBD high-rise building, delivering a high end tenant experience

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With the roll out of the first two test fits at 26 Flinders Street, the mission was to create a point of difference. The spaces stand out from other office spaces on the market, whilst maintaining cost economy for the landlord and ensuring flexibility and functionality to accommodate any potential tenant looking for office space in the building.

Both fit outs include a boardroom, well-spaced working zones and generous breakout areas while retaining openness and access to natural light

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To provide each test fit with its own identity, two themes were created for the ‘look and feel’ of the suites; ‘monochromatic’ and ‘scandinavian’

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Large extents of the existing t-bar ceiling within the smaller, monochromatic suite were converted to black and complemented by panelled glass walls in black framework. Light and white touches finished the design and elevate the scheme.

The larger suite took on the scandinavian look with timber and concrete elements, grey tones and a feature teal accent colour. The aesthetic gives a residential appeal, but in a commercial space. The muted palette was selected to keep the space calming, yet inviting.

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26 Flinders033

As part of the staged works to the commercial space, S9 also completed the end of trip facilities, foyer and café within the building

26 Flinders021

Completed in December 2020, the end of trip facilities responds to the increasing popularity of tenants seeking alternative transport to and from work. The result is a contemporary facility for the end users of the building, with storage for over 50 bicycles and a secure end of trip service for tenants.

The design response was underpinned by a drive to promote health and wellbeing amongst the CBD buildings tenants. With industrial elements balanced by playful and vibrant wayfinding feature throughout the corridors, the space features exposed ceilings and a monochromatic colour scheme.

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The facility is directly accessed from the surrounding ground floor plaza, providing tenants with generous bicycle storage, and separate washroom amenities. The interior palette is contemporary and bold, featuring dark green spray-painted ceilings, concrete look floors and soft grey wall tiles.

Through clever selection of robust materials and fixtures, the selections add an all-important touch of style to the urban amenities, and provide a base to hero the feature wayfinding, graphics and neon signage, guiding users throughout the space.

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Responding to the demand for a new and inviting contemporary building entrance which introduces the recently upgraded interior aesthetic and resulting high-end tenant experience within the rest of the building. A modern industrial materials palette is complimented by a high level of design detailing, with features such as an expressed steelwork structure, high ceilings and curved timber wall panels creating a feeling of opulence and grandeur.

Incorporating an integrated café zone, an open plan concept has achieved a welcoming atmosphere and brought a new identity for the building and its tenants. New external integrated feature lighting and tenant signage has balanced tenant brand exposure with the architectural concept.

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