The Calyx Project by Forage Built

Forage Built exists to provide a meaningful change to the problem of homelessness through an innovative, sustainable and integrated housing solution. The social enterprise, consisting of Forage Supply Co founders Scott Rogasch and Justin Westhoff, Tim Pearce of Frame Creative, Carsten Dethlefsen of Proprius Advisory, Commercial & General’s Zoe Steele and Studio Nine Director Andrew Steele, have developed the idea for a single-occupant dwelling called The Calyx Project.

Designed by Andrew, the 16sqm pod will provide a safe, affordable, modular, transportable, energy efficient and eco-friendly home for people experiencing homelessness. Each pod is a personal retreat, sleeping one, with an ensuite, small kitchen and ample space for storage. Additional height unlocked the opportunity to push the conventional idea of what a pod could feel like, with large windows connecting to the outdoors and allowing access to natural daylight and ventilation.

The Calyx homes are to be built in a planned community with a central larger pod for communal activity. This community focused, evidence based design derived from extensive consultation and surveys of people experiencing homelessness, enabling people to start to safely connect with others to form community, access services and find their way back into permanent housing.

The first prototype is now complete and featured at this year’s Tasting Australia as part of their new community partnership with the Hutt Street Centre. Read more about the project here.


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