COMO Norwood Mixed-Use Development

The $70M project involves the redevelopment of Norwood Mall, into a truly mixed-use offering with an anchor retailer, complementary specialty stores, commercial and medical spaces, car parking and a mix of apartment and townhouse living — bringing vitality and vibrancy back to the destination precinct.

Nine high-end apartments within a three-storey building form a strong residential interface with George Street, while 24 unique two-storey townhouses sit perched on the development’s third-storey, creating a floating village. An urban landscaped courtyard across the third-storey podium provides community spaces for residents and visitors, with clear views of the hills and city, unable to be achieved in a traditional ground level design. The elevated oasis incorporates varying zones with different offerings of semi-public and private open-spaces, fostering opportunities for placemaking and wellbeing.

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