Multi-Residential Specialists attend the SA Housing Roadmap Luncheon

Our Multi-Residential Specialist Team attended the South Australian Housing Roadmap Lunch 'A pathway out of the housing crisis' with South Australian Premier the Hon. Peter Malinauskas. This event addressed the nations current housing crisis and what will be implemented moving forward to aid with this social issue.

Our team's key takeaways from the event:

  • The Roadmap is an acknowledgement of the perfect storm – the government mandated goal to build 1.2m new homes by 2029, the escalation of the cost of building and the culmination of 30 years of under-investment in critical infrastructure in South Australia
  • A state government led intervention the Roadmap is set to influence the elements they have most control over – such as policy, approvals, labour and infrastructure provisions
  • The Roadmap is structured to provide tangible and measurable outcomes and as importantly to provide accountability – and will be revisited every two years to ensure it remains relevant and effective.
  • The Roadmap should provide the private sector with certainty around cost and timeframes on the delivery of infrastructure and approvals – to fast track existing pipeline projects and to stimulate confidence in new projects.
  • The sharing of the cost of the critical water infrastructure investment is the ‘least worst’ option – but will undoubtedly grab headlines and fuel concerns in the midst of a cost of living crisis for many households.

The Roadmap is an ambitious and necessary set of initiatives set to address the current housing crisis but this is undoubtedly the start of a long journey which has high stakes in addressing the consistent generational decline of home ownership.

S9 Team listed from left to right — Rimas Kaminskas, Georgia Dyer, Melinda De Cianni, Andrew Steele, Aaron Schintler, Cameron White, Nigel Howden & Rebecca Boland.

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