Henley High School — One image of our design for the school’s $12M redevelopment, which includes the addition of seven new classroom facilities and a new screening element that acts as an architectural gateway to the school. The aluminium finned screen (pictured) is both a branding elements as well as a wayfinding tool. The design celebrates the dynamic nature of the school, in particular their focus on the arts and strong sporting culture.⁠⁠This is one of many S9 projects with the school, where we have delivered a masterplan, STEM facility and classroom upgrades over the past decade.⁠⁠A press conference was held at the school last Thursday by the Minister for Education, announcing the next round of capital works projects in schools across western Adelaide, including our project at Ocean View P-12 College.⁠⁠Fantastic work by the project team, consisting of John, Kirstie, Jason, Pat, Tenielle and Claudia 🙌🙌